If you haven't been to Playa Del Carmen I would strongly suggest it.  The water here is the most beautiful blue you have ever seen.  It is clear for nearly 50 yards and waist high.  It is a must see if you love the beach!  


07/02/2016 11:19pm

If you would like to know about traveling visit us at theapartmentscanggu.com, Playa del Carmen is a little cut of paradise - a present day town settled on a standout amongst the most delightful shorelines of the Riviera Maya. One of the world's most interesting destinations, Playa del Carmen is a piece of the Mayan Riviera!

05/12/2017 2:12am

With its coral reefs and palm-lined beaches, Playa Del Carmen is indeed a good place to travel. It's a popular beach located in Mexico with its blue pristine waters and white sand. Here you'll surely be relaxed as you gaze at its breathtaking view. Other than its beautiful scenery, it is surrounded by luxury condominium buildings, restaurants and entertainment venues. No doubt it is one of the famous tourist spots in Eastern, Mexico.

01/23/2018 2:55am

Does Playa Del Carmen really good place for vacation? My family is planning to have vacation and source out a beautiful resort. I will highly recommend this my parents. Consequently, we will have to organize our outing. Is there any good place to stay near the resort? It would be convenient if it will be near the beach. I will be waiting for your response, so that, we may include your other advise for our vacation. Thank you very much.

09/10/2016 12:47pm

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04/05/2017 8:00am

If I'd only have time for this trip. I need to change my life style.

09/03/2017 8:01am

It's a pretty beatiful out there. Maybe I will visit this place next summer.

09/28/2017 5:42am

Based on the picture, I think that the water from that beach is really the most beautiful blue. I love going to beaches and aside from enjoying the sand, I also enjoy the color of the water on the sea. It is a great factor that could entice tourists to visit the place. I hope I could get to that place soon with my family. Enjoy a time with them without thinking all the stress from work.

12/10/2017 6:56am

This is superb blog.Maybe I will visit this place next summer.Thanks for informative post.

12/21/2017 4:31am

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