09/01/2016 2:58am

On your page i read the four reasons of destination weddings that is very interesting information. Wedding is good act because when we involve in a wedding then our life totally change. I thankful to you because on your page available many interesting information.

03/01/2017 2:28am

Destination weddings are a trend these days. I’ve attended a friend’s wedding and it was held on a beach. I think it speaks well of their personality as a couple. I love their theme and the organization of event management was great. It was a little breezy but I felt like falling in love with how they love each other. It’s one of the sweetest weddings that I’ve ever attended to. I hope to get the chance to attend to other friend’s wedding someday, soon.

12/16/2016 8:07pm

Thank you for posting these reasons why planning a destination wedding is important! Choosing a destination for your wedding is one of the most important factors in this special day. It takes time to come up with a final decision for this. My only tip would be, choose a destination that is both close to you and to your partner's heart. I think, that's a perfect reason to choose a specific decision for this special day for your lives.

04/05/2017 7:58am

I think tropical island is the best place for wedding and honeymoon. What can be better than the warm ocean and a sunny beach,

07/23/2017 8:30pm

I kind of disagree with the first reason, but I totally agree with the rest of it. Destination weddings can get really expensive because sometimes you have to pay for other people's accommodation and travel expenses if you really want them to be at your wedding. Destination weddings allow you to really keep your guest list to the minimum as you won't have to invite unnecessary people who are close by when you have your wedding in someplace near your home. The whole experience of being in a destination wedding can also be a way for everyone to get to know everyone as they are now part of a bigger family.


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